Annual Review-A-Thon

Hello everyone! So this year we're making a major resolution - to bring back the activity to Psychfic!  We've had lots of visitors and we get new members all the time (not counting spammers, but that's another conversation, lol!)

So, to kick things off, I've brought back the annual "Review-A-Thon " (click the link to visit the thread in the forum)!

As it says in the main thread, the challenge is simple.  Just write a review for every fic you read - here or anywhere else.  You have the choice to make it as long or short a review as you choose! There isn't a "prize".  However, there is a huge reward in the absolute joy and thrill every comment will bring to writers who've maybe gone months (or even longer) without a response to their writing.  Plus, especially on Psychfic and AO3, your reviews mean that the author can respond back!  There's nothing better than a dialogue with a cool writer!

Keep an eye out for future events, which will be posted here as well as the forum.

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