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Story Notes:
"Okay, this is supposed to be a goodbye call. Now, tell her you love her and let's go!" The man who Shawn only knew as Garth Longmore rushed him to finish the phone call.

"Listen, before...before I go, I have to say one more thing," Shawn shut his eyes for a second.

"Of course Shawn, what is it?" Juliet replied over the phone.

"Say it!" Longmore looked at the door. Shawn knew that he didn't want his partner to see him.

"I...I need you to know that...I love you," He heard her sharp intake of breath, but shut down the idea that it might mean something. He didn't have hope for much else at the moment anyway. He heard her begin to trail off about something.

"Goodbye, Abigail," Shawn hung up, per Longmore's request, but it was too late. His partner had already walked in and started yelling.

"How stupid can you be, letting him use a phone? The cops are probably on their way, right now!" He cocked his gun. Longmore tried to defend Shawn, but he was done with him.

"It's over. I'm putting an end to this," He turned back to Shawn. Shawn raised his hands in defense, feeling that he was going to be shot, when the man instead reached for the phone. He then proceeded to throw it across the room and break it. As he did, Shawn noticed a tattoo on his arm, since his sleeve had lifted up. It said "Rollins".

Well, I have nothing else to call the son of a bitch, Shawn thought.

"You know what?" Rollins said. "What we are going to do is send a very clear message. We know the cops are gonna come. Longmore, prep the truck. I'm going to have a little talk with our hostage."

Longmore nodded, his face void of expression. He obviously valued the money they'd get from the robbery more than taking down Rollins. Shawn didn't blame him, it was Rollins who didn't have a problem with killing. Longmore left, and Rollins violently put Shawn's chair back up. He used both fresh duct tape and rope to tie him up, and then took him out of his chair.

"So we know that the cops will be here any second. And I got my partner ready to go with the truck. We'll wait here for them, and they aren't gonna do anything to us with a gun at your head. Then we can leave. But, just in case you try to pull anything, the truck is close, and I'm not leaving you unattended in the open back, if I learned anything from those television shows they put on these days."

Rollins pulled him up and near the back door when they heard the sound of a car pulling in quickly.

"Don't you try pulling any fast ones, now," He growled. "I've got more than enough bullets in this gun for those people."

Loud footsteps filled the building, and Juliet entered the room, followed by Lassiter, Henry, and Gus.

"Oh, Shawn, thank god you're okay," Gus said, and then he saw the gun Rollins was pointing at Shawn's head. Gus gulped.

"Now then, you all are gonna let us go," He dug the gun into the side of Shawn's head. "Because I've come close to shooting this guy, alright, but I've waited. You don't want to give me another reason or it could push me over the edge, now couldn't it?"

Shawn's breathing was shallow, ragged. He already had one gunshot wound, and he was being held with the threat of another one, a much worse one. He looked at his friends' faces.

Gus looked like he'd seen a mountain of dead bodies, but also defensive. Lassiter looked concerned, and Shawn knew that, in his heart, Lassiter thought of him as more than just a coworker. Juliet looked worried sick, and extremely sad. And then his dad looked heartbroken and helpless in the situation.

He sighed. They all saw him like this, and he wanted to be strong, he really did. He didn't want to show them what they already knew. It was making them feel worse. But he couldn't change the fact that he was extremely dirty from the forest, and that he had a large bullet hole that was throbbing. It was killing him. He'd always thought he was stronger than this, that he could handle these situations with stalling for the police to come. But it hadn't worked this time.

Shawn watched as Juliet leaned over to whisper to Lassiter. She said something which involved "no choice". Lassiter replied, saying "I know."

"Alright, we're gonna let you go," Lassiter sighed, reluctantly putting his gun down. Juliet did the same.

"If anybody follows us, anybody at all, I won't shoot them first," Rollins grinned. "I'll shoot my hostage here. So, no matter what you do, you probably won't see him again. Take a good long look."

A few seconds later, Shawn was being pulled back, the gun still at his head. He looked at them all again before he was out of the door and being put in the truck. There was a small space behind the seats that was still inside, so he couldn't get out. Rollins got in the drivers seat and hit Shawn in the head with his gun. As he was passing out, all he could hear was the hum of the engine.

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