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Summary: In answer to the Bi-Weekly Challenges.
Rated: E
Categories: Pre-season, Season, Post-season, Short Characters: Gus, Juliet, Lassiter, Other, Shawn
Genres: Angst, Fluff, General, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
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Published: May 04, 2015 Updated: February 19, 2016

1. Juliet is Late by me_ [Reviews - 6] (100 words)
Psych not mine.

2. Say it Like You Mean it by me_ [Reviews - 2] (196 words)
SHUUULES!!!! Posted early because I'll be in Costa Rica all of next week. Psych not mine.

3. Taco Tuesday by me_ [Reviews - 1] (210 words)
Ugh, it's so hard to make these exactly a certain amount of words and still decent. I'm not sure I succeeded.

4. RIP Itsy Bitsy Spider by me_ [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (202 words)

5. A Cold Wind Freaking Blows by me_ [Reviews - 0] (205 words)
There needs to be more kid Jules on Psychfic. Seriously.

Psych not mine.

6. Do You Want to Play a Game? by me_ [Reviews - 0] (208 words)
Family Shules! :)

7. There's Somebody at the Door by me_ [Reviews - 0] (206 words)
Psych not mine.