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Author's Chapter Notes:
First entry for the bi-weekly 100 word challenge.

Word count: 102 (oops!)

Prompt: "Say It Like You Mean It"
"You have to, Shawn!"

"I can't, Dad!" Shawn threw his hands up.

"If you can't say a word seriously, how will you do it?"

"I can't mess up, Dad," Shawn sighed. "It's extremely important."

"Alright. Say it like you mean it."

Shawn took a deep breath.


A chuckle.

Seriously? His best try so far, and that was what he got?

"Dad!" Shawn whined. "Lassie bet me that I couldn't stay serious for a whole day. I can't make anyone laugh. How could this possibly be helping?"

"It's not. I just needed to hear you making an ass out of yourself by accident for once. And you should get that money ready for Lassiter."
Chapter End Notes:
I don't know if this still counts since I accidentally deleted it and reposted a slightly different copy, but whatever. It's here to be read.

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