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Summary: For the bi-weekly 100 word challenge.
Rated: E
Categories: Short Characters: Henry, Lassiter, Shawn
Genres: General, Humor
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Word count: 915 Read: 1983
Published: June 06, 2015 Updated: August 09, 2015

1. Serious by CosmicAddress [Reviews - 8] (114 words)
First entry for the bi-weekly 100 word challenge.

Word count: 102 (oops!)

Prompt: "Say It Like You Mean It"

2. Curious by CosmicAddress [Reviews - 1] (200 words)
I've had this idea since I picked the theme last week, and I've been dying to write it out and post it (I felt like writing it out early would be unfair, though I couldn't stop ideas from coming into my brain).

I hope you enjoy this! Word count: 200 Prompt: "Taco Tuesday"

3. Camping by CosmicAddress [Reviews - 1] (201 words)
I'm not exactly sure where this idea came from, but once I started I just rolled with it.

Word count: 200

Prompt: "Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite"

4. An Audition of Sorts by CosmicAddress [Reviews - 0] (200 words)
Word count: 200

Prompt: "Itsy Bitsy Spider"

5. The Unusually Sharp Pencils by CosmicAddress [Reviews - 0] (200 words)
Word Count: 200

Prompt: "No Body No Crime"