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Summary: What if Lassiter's gun wasn't light three bullets because he shot his gun at a donut? What if he had done something much, much worse?

Last Night Gus AU.
Rated: E
Categories: Season, Alternate Universe Characters: Gus, Juliet, Karen, Lassiter, Shawn
Genres: General, Mystery
Warnings: Major Spoilers
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Published: March 16, 2016 Updated: March 16, 2016
Story Notes:
I do not own Psych. At all. I would say that if I did, this story's events would happen, but I honestly have to say that I would hate that. It's fun to explore, but it would ruin the show. So yeah.

1. Light Gun, Heavy Heart by CosmicAddress [Reviews - 2] (2450 words)
Hey guys...hehe...

I haven't really been on here in like seven months...yep...sorry about that! I guess I just sorta lost inspiration, you know? I was here briefly for SSFE, but that was it. That's all I've written since the last bit of Almost (which I do have part of chapter two, it's just half-written!).

Anyways, this is a little story that I wrote during fanfiction class at camp last summer (you heard me right, the camp had a fanfiction class!) and never bothered to type up. It's a Last Night Gus AU, so it has a bunch of spoilers, but the dialogue doesn't exactly match since I was at camp. I did look up the quotes I felt really deserved to be correct, but not everything. Don't judge me.

Anyways, hope you enjoy!