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Hello! I'm absolutely crazy about Psych - seriously, it's becoming a real problem. XD I've watched every episode - most more than once - and I own the Guide to Crime Fighting for the Totally Unqualified and a mug with Psych quotes all over it. And if that wasn't enough, I've made it my mission to find one pineapple every day without repeating ones I've seen before (it's actually way easier than you'd think~). *cough cough* Major obsession aside, I also love candy, tigers, anime, Doctor Who, drawing, YouTube, Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, music, and obviously reading and writing. :P I'm also a master at procrastination - take now, for example. I told myself 30 minutes ago I was going to make use of the plot bunny clinging to my legs and then all of the sudden updating my profile became the most important thing that I HAD to do. *rolls eyes*

Anyway, I'm totally up to Beta reading, so if anyone would like to have someone proofread or just critique your writing, then you're totally open to ask me~! ^^ Okay, byes! ^^

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